• Ícone Renewable Energy Type of work
    Renewable Energy
  • Cliente Client
  • Potência Power
    30 MW
  • Localização Location
    Minas Gerais
  • Period
    2014 / 2016
  • Object: hydroelectric exploitation.

    Participation: execution of all civil works of the Serra das Agulhas PCH, including adduction tunnel, earthmoving, concrete works and finishing.

    Description: the project was developed on Pardo Pequeno river, with installed power of 30 MW. Its generation is obtained by two Pelton turbines, with a vertical axis of 15 MW each.

    The project has a gross drop of 402 m, which associated with the selected equipment operates even with lower water availability.

    The work includes a rockfill spillway with an impermeable clay core on both banks, in contact with retaining walls. The selected spillway has a free-flowing weir in a duck’s beak shape.

    Aiming to maximize the venture, its arrangement has an adductor circuit with a tunnel of approximately 7 km, with an approximate section of 4.5 x 4.0 m, with various types and specialties of treatment and containment of the rocky massif – also built by Quebec. The water intake located outside the dam axis is of gravity type and the power house is of sheltered type.


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