Start-up – UFV Salgueiro

Quebec Engenharia has already started UFV [Photovoltaic Power Station] Salgueiro’s deforestation package, only one business day after the issuance of the Service Order by Canadian Solar.

The germplasm rescue activities started on past Monday and are an important step towards preserving the biodiversity, even after the vegetation suppression activities.

The material collected over this stage will be used in order to generate thousands of seedlings, which will be replanted over the PRAD (Degraded Area Recovery Plan) and forest

Quebec Works in Brazil

Mapa de Obras - Regiões Placeholder
Mapa de Obras - Regiões


UFV Verde Vale III, best-performance Photovoltaic Plant in Brazil

A study made by BEI BRASIL ENERGIA INTELIGENTE classifies the UFV Verde Vale III as the best-performance photovoltaic plant in Brazil (among all 93 UFVs of the CCEE’s report), considering the relationship between the energy generation and installed power since the month following that of the entry into generation of the undertakings. The official reports…

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The Environmental Licensing of the Quartéis Complex

Open to the community, Public Meetings will be conducted by the Superintendência de Projetos Prioritários – SUPPRI.

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Drone amplia qualidade das imagens Quebec

Imagens feitas através de captação por drone, mostra a beleza do projeto PCH Serra das Agulhas, executado pela Quebec.

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