EIA filed for Quartel Complex

In compliance with the Environmental Licensing process, the EIA of the Quartel Complex was filed with the Priority Project Superintendence (SUPPRI).

The Complex is formed by Quartel I, II and III small hydropower plants and is located in the region of Gouveia and Santana do Pirapama in Minas Gerais, and will have a total capacity of 81 MW.

According to ABRAPCH, Small Hydropower Plants provide various economic and socioenvironmental benefits to the regions in which they are located.

Finally, another step completed for the development process of the Complex, aiming at the generation of renewable energy.

Quebec Works in Brazil

Mapa de Obras - Regiões Placeholder
Mapa de Obras - Regiões


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The Environmental Licensing of the Quartéis Complex

Open to the community, Public Meetings will be conducted by the Superintendência de Projetos Prioritários – SUPPRI.

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