CCI for Green Line I

Quebec has signed a Facility Sharing Contract (GCI) for Green Line I, which allows the exchange of information and access to energy facilities as sub-stations.

Quebec Works in Brazil

Mapa de Obras - Regiões Placeholder
Mapa de Obras - Regiões


Licenciamento ambiental da Linha Verde II

Reunião para Licenciamento ambiental de LInha Verde II já está agendada.

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Inicio das atividades – UFV Salgueiro

Preservar a biodiversidade é fator importante para a Quebec, que inicia UFV Salgueiro.

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3D cell will revolutionize photovoltaic energy

Scientists at Sheffield University and British company Power Roll have demonstrated the efficiency of photovoltaic cells with micro-groove architecture, according to a publication in the journal Energy and Environmental Science. Innovative technology facilitates the manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells and can enable the use of lighter and cheaper materials that are not normally suitable for…

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