Quebec has a sound governance model, which basic principles set forth guidelines that ensure trust among all the parties engaged in the company organizational processes, from managers to associates, suppliers, investors, creditors, government bodies and the community impacted by company actions.


Quebec’s business conduct is anchored in values defined throughout its history and reflects its commitment to management with integrity and excellence. To this end, the company applied for ISO 37.001 CertificationAnti-Bribery Management System.

The fight against corruption is a constant concern of the organization, which invests in actions to prevent, monitor, combat and communicate this undesirable practice. Ethics and transparency are values formalized in the corporate policy and are part of the employee integration plan.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate – Quality Management proves the ability to meet the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the standard. Quebec practices the concept of good engineering in its business, aiming at the satisfaction of its customers and serving stakeholders through the continuous improvement of its processes.


With the ISO 14.001 Certificate – Environmental Management System, the company proves, together with the market and society, that it adopts a set of practices aimed at minimizing impacts that impose risks to the preservation of biodiversity.

The technical care intended to prevent environmental degradation and to comply with current legislation, through preventive procedures, mitigating the possible environmental impacts or inter-ferences, direct or indirect, resulting from its activities, aim to promote balance with the environment.

Health and safety

Through the continuous updating of OHSAS 18.001 certification – Occupational Health and Safety, Quebec offers a safe and healthy organizational environment, conducting awareness campaigns that educate, inform and prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

Currently there are more than 4,300,000 HHT (four million, three hundred thousand man/hours worked) without serious accidents, since it places the company in a position of excellence in terms of Labor Safety.

Social Responsibility

Quebec supports needy institutions in the communities where it operates. Through a mapping project, it identifies those who care for children, young and old, the sick or drug addicts.

Acting promptly, it seeks to promote improvements in the physical space of the institution benefited, through structural reforms or the construction of new buildings.

In addition, it carries out campaigns to collect clothes, blankets and various utensils, enabling partnerships with other infrastructure companies, also interested in the promotion of assistance.

Quebec encourages its direct collaborators to participate in this initiative and to always keep in mind the thought and attitude of helping their fellow beings, understanding that its institutional philosophy and mission also have this meaning.

Promoting the good generates a current of love that spreads and multiplies.

“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop of water in the ocean. But the sea would be smaller if a drop.”

Madre Teresa de Calcutá

Social Projects

As a priority, in the social projects that contemplate the communities in which it operates, Quebec Engenharia identifies needy assistance entities, without formal support or structure, in order to, in a timely manner, promote improvements in their physical space for the benefit of those assisted.

For the company, promoting the good generates a current of love, which spreads and multiplies.

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