Quebec has been operating in the Brazilian market since 1990, when it started its activities in the heavy construction segment, focusing on hydroelectric exploitation, artistic work, industrial and infrastructure works projects.

In recent years, the company has diversified its renewable energy projects with the construction and implementation of eolic and photovoltaic parks, opening the market for transmission lines, covering, in a more complete way, the energy sector.

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PCH Serra das Agulhas

Devido às chuvas extraordinárias que atingem a região central de Minas há alguns dias, às 8:05 horas da manhã de 25/jan/20, foi registrado, conforme hidrotelimetria do SNIRH (Sistema Nacional de Informações de Recursos Hídricos), o início do transbordamento (overtoping) da barragem de enrocamento da PCH Serra das Agulhas em Monjolos. A Omega Energia, acionou e…

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UFV Verde Vale III, best-performance Photovoltaic Plant in Brazil

A study made by BEI BRASIL ENERGIA INTELIGENTE classifies the UFV Verde Vale III as the best-performance photovoltaic plant in Brazil (among all 93 UFVs of the CCEE’s report), considering the relationship between the energy generation and installed power since the month following that of the entry into generation of the undertakings. The official reports…

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The Environmental Licensing of the Quartéis Complex

Open to the community, Public Meetings will be conducted by the Superintendência de Projetos Prioritários – SUPPRI.

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